Random in-class assignments from Publication.

Given 2 random images, playing with relationship between type and image

Suggestive vs. Descriptive


Semester-long publication project, designing our own magazine, consisting of:
- 2 covers
- 1 table of contents
- 1 editor's letter
- 2 feature articles
- 2 column pages

Pushed myself with this particular project, enjoyed it the most, tried to stay away from conventional publication design. A mix of swiss modernism and minimalistic design.

Promotional Poster

Cover 1

Cover 2

Table of Contents

Editor's Letter

Opening Spread / Article 1

Spread 2 / Article 1

Spread 3 / Article 1

Spread 4 / Articel 1

Opening Spread / Article 2

Spread 2 / Article 2

Spread 3 / Article 2

Column Pages

Graphic Design 1

Some work from my GD1 class this past semester. Took it upon myself to focus mainly on typography this semester. Must admit, I think I've fell in love with it even more.

Eames 3-Dimensional Piece (Front / Back)

Eames Poster

Stencil Experiment

flashing myself to sleep.

I haven't been getting much sleep lately. Only when the sun begins to rise do I decide to call it a night, or is it morning? Flash is sucking the life out of me, but I must say, I'm having fun. I've had to change my concept so many times, but I think now I finally have something, hopefully, I'm praying. If i have to change it again, I don't know if I can do that. 15 hours all day, night, and morning for 40 seconds, ouchhh. He was right when he said this would be the toughest class we'd encounter. One more week till the due date, I've got some time.

On another note, I read these 3 books recently, really good. 2 of them are by Luong Ung, and her books tell of her life story during Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge time of power. Chilling, moving, inspiring, great read. Then there's Chip Kidd's Cheese Monkeys, oh this book was amazing. Looking forward to getting the sequel in my hands, The Learners. You won't put the book down once you start reading. Props to both authors.

Back to work.

hiatus, again.

Sorry for no new posts. School has been keeping me busy. First semester of Upper Division, and I must say I'm confident in my decision. I am enjoying each class more and more each week, and I've learned much more than I thought in such a short amount of time. I have broken away from my usual designs and forced myself to explore new ways in dealing with typography, images, type/image together. I can't wait to see the pieces that turn out at the end of the semester. Looking forward to the new knowledge I gain from these 15 weeks we call a semester. I will try and post some of my progress with some projects, but I will definitely post when they are completed. Thanks for checking in. Stay tuned.

The Flood

It goes by might of being such a flood
Held high at so unnatural a level.
It will have outlet, brave and not so brave.
weapons of war and implements of peace
Are but the points at which it finds release.
And now it is once more the tidal wave
That when it has swept by leaves summits stained.
Oh, blood will out. It cannot be contained.
- Robert Frost , The Flood

Is Robert Frost reasoning that human suffering and strife will never end? In a sense, it never does, one after the other, we are hit by the unpredictability of life. Time and time again, our patience is tested, our hope, our faith, our willingness to keep moving forward. Human suffering and strife will never end, sounds a bit dreary doesn't it? But you know, somehow we, for the most part, get through the toughest of time and come out with a smile, a smirk, whatever it may be, some sign of happiness.

Today is Thursday, August 21st 2008. It's been two years since Jay passed away, 730 days since God took up an angel that everyone loved and looked up to. I admit, it has gotten a bit easier to get through each day, with the help of my family, my cousins. My cousins, there's no explaining how I feel about them, the connection we have now that we unfortunately realized that life is uncertain. Everything is perfect, but one thing is missing, one person that I wish could experience every moment with us, laugh at every joke we make. I know he is looking down on us, I know when he is with me. I feel him, I just wish I could see him. I wish we all could see him just for one more day, to tell him how much he meant to me...

My laptop battery is down to 9%. I'm at the Orlando International Airport waiting for my flight back to NY, home sweet home. Enough of Tropical Storm Fay and its gloominess, I'm ready for some sunshine, I need NY, I need my family. Cutting this off now before this dies on me.


Rush Hour

The afternoon rush hour, a time of chaos and a time of rest. Beat the crowd, find a seat, sleep.

Two more hours until the workday is over.


I haven't posted anything new and for that, I apologize. I started my internship right after school ended and I've just been running all over the place since. I'm pretty much a nomad for the summer. I'm home once or twice a week, the other days, I'm somewhere in Queens on a couch or on the floor. Since my internship is in the city, I don't see the point of staying home and paying almost $300 a month.
I haven't done much designing, but recently I've been doing little things here and there. I'll post soon.

Shea Stadium.


Shepherd Fairey on board with the Obama campaign. Original prints run for at least 400 and signed prints for at least 900. I like this black and white one that I found on Fairey's site better than the colored ones.


Here's the story. Last weekend of winter break. Last night of my snowboarding trip. Last straight away down the mountain. And BAM! I'm on the floor. All I remember is opening my eyes and seeing the night sky and all the stars. It was beautiful, it brought me to tears...tears of pain that is. I unbuckled my helmet, took my hat off, and just laid there. It wasn't until I tried to get up with my hands that I realized the pain was coming from my wrist. I took my gloves off to see what was up. My left wrist was swollen and throbbing with pain. My sister's boyfriend insisted I shake it off and go down the rest of the mountain. I did "shake" my wrist and I ended up laying back down in tears. Ski patrol man came to the rescue when he saw my sister and me walking down with our boards. He took mine and told me to meet him at the building at the bottom of the mountain. They wrapped my forearm in a splint, tied an icepack around it, and sent me on my way to the nearest hospital to get it checked out. I got the x-rays done and found that I had fractured my left wrist. I had a splint on for about a week, now a cast for about 4-6 weeks. I've adjusted to it pretty well I think, I can still type and all. Luckily it wasn't my right wrist, would suck to not be able to type or draw for class.

I couldn't stand the look of a plain white cast, so I took a sharpie and did this:

Designing With Type

Class: Designing With Type
Assignment: Final Book
* 90 pages printed on matte, perfect binding, die-cut mat board sleeves