Here's the story. Last weekend of winter break. Last night of my snowboarding trip. Last straight away down the mountain. And BAM! I'm on the floor. All I remember is opening my eyes and seeing the night sky and all the stars. It was beautiful, it brought me to tears...tears of pain that is. I unbuckled my helmet, took my hat off, and just laid there. It wasn't until I tried to get up with my hands that I realized the pain was coming from my wrist. I took my gloves off to see what was up. My left wrist was swollen and throbbing with pain. My sister's boyfriend insisted I shake it off and go down the rest of the mountain. I did "shake" my wrist and I ended up laying back down in tears. Ski patrol man came to the rescue when he saw my sister and me walking down with our boards. He took mine and told me to meet him at the building at the bottom of the mountain. They wrapped my forearm in a splint, tied an icepack around it, and sent me on my way to the nearest hospital to get it checked out. I got the x-rays done and found that I had fractured my left wrist. I had a splint on for about a week, now a cast for about 4-6 weeks. I've adjusted to it pretty well I think, I can still type and all. Luckily it wasn't my right wrist, would suck to not be able to type or draw for class.

I couldn't stand the look of a plain white cast, so I took a sharpie and did this: