Pack it up, summer 09.

It's the last week of my summer vacation. My last year at FIT has finally arrived. It's going to be a busy year, but I feel really good about this.

I spent the morning making a postcard-sized schedule for this coming Fall semester. Also, testing out my new desk lamp, it was a pretty good deal for $8.99 ( via Ikea ). It can stretch the whole span of my desk. Good, cheap addition to my room.

Break Out the Masking Tape

Australian artist, Buff Diss, puts his rolls of masking tape to good use.
Check it here.

21 August 2009

Today is the 21st of August. This is the 3rd year since Jay has passed away. It's really crazy how fast time flies. Three years without him, it sounds unimaginable. Somehow, we get through.

So today is for him. Everyday is for him.

I'm thankful for everyone and everything in my life.
Stay strong. I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay cool.

Here are a few pieces I did of him, it's been my way of expressing myself.

Skate Jam 2009

Here's one freelance job I worked on this summer, actually right when school ended.
They needed a new "Skate Jam 2009" logo and a poster to promote it.

It's an event called Skate Jam, an annual event that takes place on Go Skateboarding Day. Some of the sponsors included Stoked Mentoring, Pace University, Zoo York, Wat-aah!, Amp Energy Drinks, 5boro NYC, Royal, Official, and a few others.

Here are a few pages of my sketches during my thought process, and the final poster.

Inside the Sketchbook I.

Here are a few pages inside my sketchbook for Graphic Design II.
Working with logotypes, lock-ups, letterforms, stationery.

FIT Visiting Artist Program

The Visiting Artist Program this Fall will bring Paula Scher to FIT. That's something to be excited about, a great way to start off my senior year.

For more information about the Program and the big Paula Scher night, go to: ( recently re-designed )

The new posters are definitely some of my favorite out of the poster series. Take a look for yourself.

Make sure to clear Monday night ( 05 October 2009 ).

To Be Continued

I still have projects from Junior year that I haven't photographed yet, due to them being in my locker, and me being too lazy to go back to FIT. But the semester starts up again August 31st, so keep on the lookout for a new post.

Meanwhile, here are some posters I designed throughout the past two semesters.

Advanced Typography II

I finally found my memory card with some photos I took of this past semester's projects. Here are a couple projects from my Advanced Type II class with Rocco.

The first project was to choose a contemporary designer or studio ( choose one designer ) and design a 10 x 10in piece that included their name and some biographical information. The objective was to design the piece in that person's style. I chose Experimental Jetset ( Danny van den Dungen ).

The second project was to re-design a lottery card in two styles: International Typographic Style and a more expressive ones. For my swiss card, I was inspired by Josef Müller-Brockmann. And for the expressive card, I was inspired by Phillipe Apeloig and Wim Crouwel.

Chapter 21.

A new chapter yet again. So I turned the big 2-1 yesterday. I've sort of been avoiding it for personal reasons, but facing it, it was worth it. Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you can miss it ( Ferris Bueller, of course ). I did just that. At the stroke of midnight on August 6th. I took a step back. I've come a long way since my little life-changing New Year's resolution. And I'm almost there. It's taken long enough, but I can honestly say, I'm finally almost at the finish line. It's all about moving forward and you can look back if you want, but just a glimpse. The past will always be there. But why not keep walking, keep running, keep jogging, whatever you do to keep yourself facing forward. No steps back. None.

Now time to celebrate tonight.